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Every now and then I go through a webby phase and spend more time than is healthy on the internet. It feels like I’m hitting one now. I’ve started this blog, been spending time on facebook again, and I’ve signed up to a couple of Web 2.0 things.

The first is Twitter. I don’t quite get it: as I understand it it’s microblogging and instant messaging. I’m following those friends of mine who are on it – all techies, all boys, and some of them are following me. While it’s quite nice to see what everyone’s up to, especially those friends of mine who no longer live nearby – I’m not yet blown away. Maybe because I’m not quite such a techie.

The second is IdLasso. This is my friend George’s project, the website formerly known as Meecard. It allows you to put all your web account information in one place – on a card which IdLasso lets you design and organise. The html for this card is provided and can be copied and pasted wherever. Currently it seems a little flaky at picking up my information every time and putting it under the right heading, but that’s beta for you.

Who knows what website I’ll get stuck on next. Scrabulous on FaceBook is sucking me back in I fear.

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