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Too much seasonal stuff

I read an awful lot of crafting based blogs, pretty much all of them American. Usually they’re pretty good. Not every article interests me, but everyday I tend to find something interesting and inspiring.

Not so recently. Halloween, halloween everywhere. Skeleton this, pumpkin that. Everything is halloween themed. Now I know they take halloween and trick or treating much more seriously on the other side of the Atlantic, but it’s beginning to irritate. Seriously does every crafter/contributor on these blogs stop what they are doing in October to concentrate on making halloween things? And presumably this seasonal skew will continue until the end of the year with Thanksgiving and Christmas taking over where Halloween leaves off.

OK rant over. But now I’ve been in a roundabout way reminded about the proximity of Christmas I might have to start thinking about buying presents, (or making them if I have time and the inclination).


Writing: Guest posting on Writer’s Resource Center

John Hewitt at the Writer’s Resource Center kindly featured an article I had written on his blog.

I wrote a piece on the benefits of critiquing other people’s work, mainly as a way of gaining some perspective and objectivity on one’s own work. Check it out…

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