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Itchen Way again

Map showing the Itchen Way between Eastleigh and Winchester

Click on the image to get to navigable GoogleMap

Despite all good intentions Dan and I hadn’t done the Itchen Way walk for almost 18 months. So a fortnight ago we set out to do the walk with a couple of friends. I thought I’d post about it as my previous post on the subject, Itchen Way: Eastleigh to Winchester, is one of the more popular on my blog.

The last time friends had tried to do the Itchen Way between Eastleigh and Winchester they had reported footpath closures, so we set out on a slightly different route from Eastleigh to Brambridge – shown in green on the map.

If you’re interested in walking the Itchen Way then I’d recommend visiting the What’s Happening – Itchen Navigation website for links to newsletters and a schedule of works to find out which bits of the route are likely to be closed.


Projects: Pottery painting cat bowls

The Crockery, a store which used to be located in Southampton, is now 5 minutes walk away in Eastleigh. They provide pre-made, white clay bowls, plates, etc. and the glazes for you to use to decorate them. You sit in the store and paint the pottery and then leave it with them to be fired. In five days you have your own personalised pottery.

I went to the store on Thursday to pass some time painting. Almost everyone else who came into the store when I was there was a new mum wanting to put her baby’s hand/foot on a plate/mug. I don’t have a baby, so I had to make do with creating something for my surrogate babies – the cats. I painted two bowls to be used for cat food bowls. They’re supposed to look like the cats’ markings: a ginger bowl for Artemis and a black and white bowl for Calliope.

Bowls for the cats

Itchen Way: Eastleigh to Winchester

Map showing the Itchen Way between Eastleigh and Winchester

Click on the image to get to navigable GoogleMap

Dan and I walked a section of the Itchen Way today. We took a train to Shawford and ate lunch in the garden of The Bridge pub before walking on to Winchester. In Winchester we had dessert and drinks at the Bishop on the Bridge before taking the train home to Eastleigh.

Usually we would walk from Eastleigh to Winchester, in total about three and a half hours not counting pub stops, but today we got a late start so decided to do the second leg only.

Last time we did the walk it was earlier in the year; the paths were muddy but the vegetation was subdued. Today the paths weren’t muddy, though they were waterlogged in a couple of places where the river had overspilled its banks, but the nettles at each side were like a jungle. Where’s a machete when you need one?

Overspilled banks on Itchen Way

Overspilled banks on Itchen Way

Edit: Banks are fixed to the north of Shawford now. Though a few footpath closures for works. Revisited the walk and have updated the map. See new post: Itchen Way again.

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