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Project: 2 Days Later – Finished! (4 days late)

Well the film’s finally finished, and looking pretty cool. Not as awesome as I’d hoped – but I had unrealistic standards.

A huge effort was put in by our editor and director on the final weekend. Dan and I contributed music, opinions and sound effects.

Stay tuned to see how we fare in the competition.


Project: 2 Days Later – 75% filming done

With the deadline looming just over a week away we’ve completed about 75% of the filming required and hope to finish principal photography tonight.

This will leave us a week (and about 15 hours remaining out of our 48) to edit, add any effects and mix sound for those scenes which require it.  The editing task is made more difficult by the fact that the camera we borrowed to do the recording on is a Sony and hence records to horribly proprietary format files, which take a great deal of processing to make them editable.

Project: 2 days later, in progress

This is the first update on the 2 days later film project. And that’s because not much has happened so far.  We’ve had a few chats/planning meetings (~3 hours), I wrote a basic script (~2 hours), Matt’s done some storyboarding, Dan’s constructed a steadycam rig (??? hours). I don’t know exactly how we’re supposed to do our accounting of hours but it’s getting slightly flaky already – are we allowed to count seperate people’s hours on small side projects as having happened consecutively (for those tasks that don’t gate on earlier tasks’ completion at least). Who knows.

We were supposed to start filming last weekend, after Dan and I got back from holiday, but everyone kind of forgot – which is a bit rubbish. Now we’re on schedule to start filming on Sunday – but the deadline is drawing nearer and I’m starting to feel nervous.

Project: 2 Days Later

My friends and I are taking part in a short film making competition 2 Days Later. The idea is to make a 10 minute horror movie in 48 hours. Unlike most 48 hour challenges you get to spread your 48 hours out – though I don’t know if this will make it easier or harder.

We’ve had a bit of a chat, thrown some ideas around, and now I’m having a crack at writing a draft script. I guess the clock is ticking.

I’m interested in scriptwriting, but a lot of the ideas I’m having are visualised in very definite ways in my mind. It will be interesting and difficult to see the script translated to different images by whoever is directing and DoP’ing. I’m also finding myself thinking out low budget special effects and sound design. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to be involved in everything that interests me.

Updates as the project progresses.

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