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Another calico bag

Calico bag

I was quite pleased with the way my first set of calico bags turned out so when another birthday presented itself I thought I’d make another. ThisĀ  bag is less wide than the earlier ones – though the same depth. The bag can fit an A4 box file in it so should be good for carrying folders and documents or a small grocery shop.

The area for decoration is smaller than on the earlier batch, but I filled about the same amount of space with the design but it didn’t look crowded. For the design I went for applique again. I’m getting better at using the machine’s blanket stitch to out line the shapes. The flowers are from the same templates that I drew up for the Sarah bag in the first batch.

I’d like to say that reuse of some design elements and practice made making this bag quicker than making the others but it still took all of a Sunday.

Dodecahedron – Assessed Bag Part 2

So I’ve finally finished my assessed piece for City & Guilds Creative Embroidery.

It’s a dodecahedron bag made from pentagons of constructed fabric attached by herringbone insertion stitch, machine cord, and handmade beads. It’s lined with a silk crepe – chosen for its colour. Though I think if I was making a bag for use rather than display I might have looked a little further for a hardier fabric in the right colour.

I love it. It turned out much pinker than I thought, my initial design was more purple. The buttons are my least favourite part, but I guess I could replace then at a later date.

Geekifying my girliness (Assessed Bag Part 1)

This is a mirror to my earlier post about ‘girlifying my geekiness‘ by making a pretty, lacy case for my internet tablet. I can’t help getting aesthetic about geeky things, and it seems I also can’t help but get geeky about arty things.

In City & Guilds we are currently half way through making a bag for an assessed piece of work. Week before last we were asked to create a design for the bag and my after a few initial ideas my mind kept returning to platonic solids. I’m such a maths geek! Tetrahedron or dodecahedron were favourites. In the end I plumped for the latter because it is made up of pentagons, and they are more interesting than triangles. (I’m sure normal people don’t have favourite geometric constructions).

Once I had inserted a measure of geekiness into the undertaking I took to it with enthusiasm, drawing up designs and creating a mockup out of some scrap grey felt.

On Thursday in C&G we spent the time creating the fabric from which to construct the bag, by the same method I used to make the needlecase and my notebook covers.

The fabric took ages to make, putting together tiny pieces of fabric on a felt background and then stitching all over it so much that the fabric base can barely be seen.

Once I’ve got all of the fabric made I’ll cut it into little pentagons and stitch these together with an insertion stitch, which will allow the contrasting lining to show through. Construction will occur on Thursday @ C&G. Stay tuned for pics of the finished thing.

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