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Project: Ragdoll

Today I finished sewing a ragdoll for Dan’s eagerly awaited new niece who is due next week. This is the third such doll I’ve ever made, and I think I’m getting better at it.

It took a couple of days worth of time when added all together, but more like three weeks from the start to the end of the project.

First I cut out the doll’s body pieces from an off-white cotton calico. Then sewed the arms and legs into shape, stuffed and sealed them. The ends of the limbs I sewed into the seams between the two pieces of torso fabric – leaving enough space to turn the doll rightside out and to stuff the body.

When I had a finished body I then started work on the hair and face. The hair is four different coloured wools and the eyes and lips are stitched using embroidery thread. The hair took a while – building up enough layers to cover all of the gaps that showed the doll’s scalp.

The dress was made from some offcuts I had left from making myself a skirt, she’s sewn into it at neck and waist. The shoes are made of some felt that I got in a box of fabric offcuts that I bought from someone at work for £1. They were mostly rubbishy but there’s been a few times when bits have come in handy. The pantalets under the dress are made of white cotton I had left from the lining of a summer dress that I made and they’re finished off with some white ribbon.

In the spirit of ragdolls this one was made mostly from fabric I had laying around. All I bought especially for this project was the wool for the hair and some extra stuffing. I think it turned out OK, but the pattern I work to makes a doll which is a little long in the neck. Also the pattern pieces are getting a little worn around the edges. I think that next time I make a ragdoll I’ll redraw the pattern onto some brown paper and change the shapes a little to make the doll look more like what I want.

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