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I’ve been fairly busy lately, and quite a bit of the busy-ness has been with things that aren’t pretty or bloggable. However here are a few of the things that have emerged from my lair over the past couple of week

Valentine’s Day Card

I spent a couple of hours making this card for Dan. The decoration on the front is what my C&G tutor calls an ‘ooh-aah print’. The technique for creating them is very simple and produces gorgeous, semi-random effects. Take two perspex sheets, the kind you get with cheap clip together photo frames; put some dabs of paint on one of them in various colours and patterns; smush the two sheets together and rub them back and forth to lightly blend the edges of the areas of colour, don’t mix around too much or the colours will get murky. When you peel the perspex sheets apart the paint will pull away into these random veined patterns. You can then use the perspex for printing on to paper.

The envelope is a simple, brown paper, untwisting pocket, similar to the top compartments on the Folded Secrets booklet.

Dan, however, totally outdid me on the Valentine’s Day effort.


This is a piece of assessed work for my course, a panel inspired by a picture of a deep purple leaf with green veins and multitudes of minuscule water droplets on the surface. The colourway skewed towards the blue in construction, mainly due to the materials I was able to source. As a result I found that I had something very similar in colour and fabric construction method to the Dodecahedron Bag that was my first assessed piece. On the plus side this means that my (looming) final exhibition will have a fairly unified colour scheme. On the minus side I was disenchanted with this piece before I was halfway through. Foolishly I had chosen to make it enormous, that is enormous for me – given that I had to cover every bit of that fabric with machine embroidery.

Mounting and displaying

On the subject of that looming exhibition, the other week it was time to take out all of the work I had done over the past year and a half, and take stock of it. While it was interesting remembering all the things I had done, it was worrying the number of unfinished, or in some cases unstarted, things I have to complete before June. This is on top of regular course work, and doing another two assessed pieces.

In addition a lot of that wonderful stuff that I have completed will need to be mounted or otherwise displayed. I spent quite a bit of time mounting small stitched samples in mount board. There are other pieces that I’m planning different methods of display for. The only one I think worthy of showing here is the canvaswork sampler that I decided to mount in a cushion.

Project: Birthday Cushion

It was a friend’s birthday on Friday, his 30th, and he’s a guy and hence hard to buy presents for. I was mulling over ideas and thought about making something out of fabric, which is one of my few talents and my current priority hobby.

A quick rummage in the fabric stash and I came up with some heavy red and green cotton. This immediately lead me to the idea of a Welsh flag motif. My friend’s Welsh and something he was miffed about recently was that his bank are no longer going to be providing him with a credit card with the Welsh dragon on, instead he’ll have to make do with a bog-standard one.

So there’s no chance that I could make a Welsh dragon logo on anything smaller than A4 size without it looking rubbish – so the plan was formed: it would have to be a cushion cover. A quick rummage in the airing cupboard came up with an uncovered cushion and I was ready to go.

Cushions are square so cutting the green and white cotton to size was pretty easy. I went for double thickness as the fabrics were slightly to thin for upholstery use. It was the work of moments to whip up the front and two back pieces.

Next – the dragon. That was more of a challenge. I printed out an A4 size outline of the flag dragon and pinned it to a board, I then pinned the fabric over the drawing and traced the dragon with a black fabric marker. I ironed some fuseable interfacing to the back of the dragon and cut him out. This was all the easy bit. Next came the time consuming bit which was to pin and baste the dragon onto the cushion front. Slightly quicker, but still pretty time consuming was the process of machine stitching the dragon to the cushion.

Dragon done I quickly whizzed the cushion front to the cushion backs, turned it right-side out for a final iron, and then marvelled at the fact that it had turned out alright. Check it out:

Dan’s also going with the handmade present theme, and I’ll add a link to his post about his present when he blogs about it.

I’m hoping my friend likes his present, but personally I’m just chuffed that I can go from fabric stash, to idea, to design, execution and completion over two evenings if I put my back into it. This is definitely one of my more successful creative projects of late.

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