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Stuffed baby blocks

Stuffed baby blocks

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I know I’m supposed to be getting on with sewing my wedding dress, but I’m easily distracted.
A couple of weekends ago we went to a Welcoming party for Dan’s newest nephew. True to our slightly disorganised form we found ourselves in the week beforehand with no present and no ideas for a present.
One lightbulb moment and a visit to the fabric stash later and I was on my way to making these blocks.
While it looks like it would be a lot of fiddly sewing, they were actually fairly easy. Each face is 7 x 7 cm. I cut four long strips of 9cm wide fabric in the gingham and the turquoise. These I sewed together at the long edges in alternating colours. As you can tell from some basic maths I did the stitching with a 1 cm seam allowance, mostly because the squares on the gingham were 1cm along the side and following the lines made the sewing easier and quicker.
So far so easy, now I had a long strip of fabric that I could take a 9 cm wide slice off of for each block. The next bit was slightly longer winded.
I had 18 white cotton squares that needed painting. I used Dylon iron-to-fix fabric paint, pinned the squares over black on white drawings of the letters, and traced the letters with paint. (On the back of each block is a number between 1 and 9).
Constructing the individual blocks was slightly fiddly, but easy to achieve on the sewing machine. On each block I left one side open, in order to turn the block through and stuff it. This side I sealed up with handstitching.

The blocks were well received, and I now have the task of filling in the rest of Alexander’s name in time for his birthday.

Another calico bag

Calico bag

I was quite pleased with the way my first set of calico bags turned out so when another birthday presented itself I thought I’d make another. ThisĀ  bag is less wide than the earlier ones – though the same depth. The bag can fit an A4 box file in it so should be good for carrying folders and documents or a small grocery shop.

The area for decoration is smaller than on the earlier batch, but I filled about the same amount of space with the design but it didn’t look crowded. For the design I went for applique again. I’m getting better at using the machine’s blanket stitch to out line the shapes. The flowers are from the same templates that I drew up for the Sarah bag in the first batch.

I’d like to say that reuse of some design elements and practice made making this bag quicker than making the others but it still took all of a Sunday.

Recently made

recently made

Originally uploaded by Kat Shann

These past few evenings I’ve been working like crazy on random crafty projects. This spate of productivity was brought about by the purchase of some new plastic storage containers for my art materials. After packing things into the drawers I had the cleanest workspace I’ve had in a long while. I immediately took advantage of this.

1) Belt. During my tidying I came across the belt clasp pictured front and centre. This clasp used to be my Grandma’s and has languished unused in my sewing basket for over a decade. I decided to make a belt to put the clasp on using the tried and trusted bondaweb and scraps fabric construction method. I had a bias cut black strip of cotton onto which I layered green, purple and silver scraps of fabric. I ironed them down and oversewed with vertical green lines and meandering purple lines. I love it – it turned out fairly awesome. The only downside is that I don’t really wear green – but I don’t think that will stop me from finding excuses to wear it.

2) Handmade cards. The triangular card on the left was made for my other half on our anniversary, the other card was made just for the hell of it. They are a fun way to use up undirected creative energy and now I have a stack of cards ready for any ‘Thank you’ or ‘RSVP’ occasion.

3) Mobile phone case. I made this as an anniversary present for Dan, to match his canvaswork internet tablet case. Canvaswork isn’t the most excitingly creative of processes but I find it quite satisfying.

Valentine’s Day

Canvas case for Dan's Nokia 810

Canvas case for Dan's Nokia 810

For Valentine’s Day I made Dan a canvaswork pouch for his Nokia 810. It’s made in the same colours as my canvaswork sampler which Dan expressed a liking for.

Update: Edited the title of this post from St. Valentine’s Day to Valentine’s Day as I was informed that it hasn’t been a saint’s day since 1969. My bad.

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