2011 Goals

So I’m back on the blog and it’s been a while.

I thought I’d start off this new year by talking about my New Year’s Resolutions and what I’m going to do to keep them. My resolutions can be boiled down to three key words: Writing, Happiness and Wellness.

In each of my three categories I’ve picked three things to track in order to keep my focus on these goals throughout the year. For each category I have two quantitative measures and one qualitative/catchall category.


My original goal for this year was to get a paid, in-print publish. Of course to do that I need to get things written, and more importantly rewritten and edited. Getting from first draft to second feels harder for me than getting from blank page to first draft. So far this year I’m managing to write fairly consistently two days out of every three. I’d like to increase that to every day.

My three metrics for writing are:

  • Fiction words per day
  • Other words per day (including blogging, articles, and plotting and planning)
  • What writing related activities I have done that day



I like being happy, and I would like to happy for more of the time. It seems to come very easily to a lot of people. I’ve seen a number of internet articles that indicate that how happy you are on average is a fixed quantity and doesn’t change very much throughout your life. Some people are just upbeat and full of the bright side; others are anxiety-ridden worrywarts. (I put myself in the latter category). Well screw that – I’m going to work hard at being happy this year, and see if I can’t change my average happiness.  I’m hoping that working towards my other goals will rub off in the happiness department. Other than that I’ve not got any clear ideas right now about the things I can do to make myself more happy.

My three metrics for happiness are:

  • Average happiness in the day (0-100%, with 50% an average day)
  • Peak daily happiness (0-100% again)
  • What made me happy today



In this category I’m mostly going to concentrate on physical wellness. The Happiness category should take care of psychological wellness. My goals here are to be more active, eat less and more healthily, drink more water, and get the right amount of sleep. I find it hard to keep all of these good habits, but I know that I feel orders of magnitude better in body and in mind on the days where I get three out of four of those things done.

My three metrics for wellness are:

  • Number of steps taken in the day
  • Waistline measurement (I’m not expecting this to change very quickly, but I’m hoping to see a two or three inches change in the year)
  • What exercise did I do today


You know what they say about good intentions, but I’m hoping to stick with these goals throughout the year.


2 Responses to “2011 Goals”

  1. 1 Laura January 12, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    Those sound like good goals to have. Good luck with them! But don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make as much progress as you’d like – it’ll just make you unhappy. (I think there’s a weird recursion in that logic somewhere but I refuse to get drawn in…)

  2. 2 Kat January 14, 2011 at 10:13 am

    I’ll be wary of beating myself up over failure to stick to goals – that happens fairly often for me. :-/

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