Prism 2009

On Wednesday I went up to London with a coach trip laid on by college. We went up to see the Prism Exhibition at the Mall Galleries. The Prism exhibition is put on by the Opus School of Textile Arts.

I enjoyed it. I was awed, amazed, surprised, left cold and disgusted by turns.

I think I’d better qualify that last word first. I was disgusted mostly by the price that one of the most mediocre pieces was asking – some people are seriously delusional.

As for the other words above. I think I was 45% amazed and awed, 45% left cold, and 5% each surprised and disgusted. A lot of the exhibition was very good: innovative, interesting, aesthetically pleasing. But that said – a lot of it was mediocre, uninspired, unfocused and more of a local craft fair quality than gallery exhibition quality.

My C&G tutor set me three things to look for – as a way of learning more from the exhibition – 1) The piece that I love, 2) The piece I would like to have made, 3) The piece that I hated.

1) The piece(s) that I really loved were the colourful images of bodies by Prinkie Richards. They really appealed to be – so bright and vibrant and lively.

2) The piece that I would like to have made was one by Mary-Anne Morrison called Cosmic Spores. It is a beautifully simple and complex construction of black and white coils.

A lot of the ideas I’ve been having lately have been for 3D forms rather than 2D images which no doubt fed into my make-envy. Fortunately the 3D section of the course is coming up in this half term which means I may get to try out some fun things.

3) The piece that I hated… hmmm. There were a lot of pieces that I disliked or was unimpressed by, but mostly I think that was due to personal taste. There was indeed one piece that I really hated because it just looked like the artist had copied a photo in machine stitch (this was the piece whose pricing struck me as ridiculous) and hadn’t added anything personal or innovative to it. It was totally bland.

Anyway I enjoyed my day in London , both the exhibition and the wandering through Berwick Street fabric stores.


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