Bits ‘n’ bobs

Every week in Creative Embroidery we learn cool and interesting things. None of which particularly warrant a whole post so I thought I’d clump them all here.

Machine cord

Machine cord is made by doing a zigzag stitch over a piece of wool or cord to wrap it in thread. Change to an embroidery foot or no foot, lower the feed dogs and pull the wool from the back keeping it taut by holding the wool between the machine front and your finger. The faster you pull the cord from front to back the less thread coverage you get and vice versa.

Rolled beads


The beads are rolled from paper or fabric. For different shaped beads start with different shaped bit of paper – see the picture above. Start rolling the bead from the left hand side of the shape, rolling the paper around a kebab stick. When it’s all rolled up secure it with PVA glue if it’s a paper bead, else with thread if it is a fabric bead.  You can then finish the bead by wrapping varnishing it (if paper) with PVA and wrapping it in glitzy thread.


Tassels are made using a C-shaped or horseshoe-shaped piece of cardboard. Wrap thread around the prongs until the tassel is as thick as you like then tie it around the middle. The tied part is the top of the tassel. Cut the ends even and wrap more thread around the top of the tassel to finish it.


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