Inspiration to creation

My recent creation of Christmas presents gave me a taste of the design process from start to finish. Not in the production of the notebooks themselves, but the creation of one of the covers. I had an inspiration, used it to create a design sketch and then created it out of fabric.

While I had sort of followed this process with my piece of free machine embroidery the original for that had been someone else’s photograph, not my own design.


This inspiration for the notebook cover was the Hursley fireworks show. It was my first year of attending and it was awesome.

At one point in the show multitudes of low fireworks were being fired in the air leaving a background trail of golden sparkles, in front of this pink rockets were spraying. The four things I took away from this were the colour of the night sky behind the display – it was coloured plum by the light of the fireworks, the layer of smoke from the spent fireworks, the layer of golden sparks, and the gorgeous pinky red of the fireworks in front.


This is my sketch of what I wanted to do. The background is purple water colour. The ‘smoke’ is created by rubbing a cotton wool pad onto pritt-stick. The gold rocket trails are glitter glue – something I haven’t played with for a long while. The pink sparkles are sequins that I threw on – these were the only things I bought especially.


This is the cover of the finished notebook. The background is a purple fabric covered in bondaweb to stick the other ingredients down. The bondaweb gives an interesting look/texture to the background which can best be seen in the top centre of the photo. The smoke is once again bits from a trusty cotton wool cosmetics pad. Then the sequins go on and a sheer to hold everything in place. The last step was to sew over the fabric sandwich with one of my machine’s decorative stitches. The stitch looks like a vine when the ‘leaves’ are pointing up, but pointing down I think they work quite well as a rocket trail.

Overall it’s not the best thing I’ve created recently, but I was happy with my ability to transform an idea, an inspiration, into something that I like, and that encompasses my original vision.


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