Projects: Decking the garden 3

End of day two building decking in the garden. For a while it really looked like we were going to finish today. Then we were hit by two problems: 1 – the electric screwdriver ran out of charge, battery takes 2 hours to quick-charge; 2 – the decking planks were not the width that was stated on the invoice, which meant we’d have to leave an 11mm gap rather than a 6mm gap, and those extra 5 mm make all the difference to the look of it.

So we retired, slightly defeated and very sunburned, indoors. Tomorrow’s plan is to get an extra plank or two of decking material which we can then cut lengthways and use to fill the space – a ‘making-up piece’ as my Dad is fond of calling such devices. Once that’s sorted it should be quick work to screw down the decking planks.


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